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About About us

Corporate vision: Juyang is wonderful because of the world, the world is smart because of the ocean, showing the world and showing the dream


Our business philosophy:

Create a century of giant ocean and achieve happiness.


Our entrepreneurial spirit: work hard, win-win cooperation, pragmatic innovation!

Our team philosophy: no perfect individual, only the perfect team!

Our work style: go all out, stick to the promise, pay attention to the details!


Our belief in doing things: there is no "impossible", only "unexpected"!

Our employment standards: character, responsibility, persistence, wisdom

Company mission: Serve the modernization of social information technology and create higher value for customers!

                   Create a century-old ocean and provide a platform for growth and success for your work partners!


core value

Company core values: integrity, innovation, collaboration, gratitude

Integrity: Paterson is the first, PepsiCo is the foundation;

Innovation: Innovation is the driving force and source of sustainable development of the giant ocean;

Collaboration: Every giant foreigner is a brick of the giant ocean wall. It is an indispensable part. The close combination of brick and brick is the foundation for building a solid city wall. This close combination is cohesion. This cohesive force is cast for a hundred years. The soul of the giant ocean;

Gratefulness: Gratefulness is the nobleness of man. I often feel grateful, and I will be more appreciative and grateful to others and to the environment. With gratitude, you can maintain a positive, healthy, and sunny mindset, and your life will be better.

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