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日期: 2019-03-01
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The Smart City Operation Center is a digital development to a higher level. The core is to embody the concept of people-oriented and intelligent operation. It uses the next-generation information technology such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing to fully perceive the city's operational status and improve people and things, things and things. The clarity, flexibility, execution efficiency and response speed of the interaction; more precise, intelligent and intuitive control and presentation of various physical objects in the physical real space, improve the overall optimization control of various physical systems, and realize information virtual Synchronous interaction between space and physical reality space; through massive information collection and storage analysis capabilities, deepen the direct or indirect connection between various systems, discover the rules and propose methods to support smarter decision-making and action.


As early as 2013, many national ministries and commissions began to build national smart cities and special pilot cities in batches. As of 2017, smart cities with over 500+ have been piloted.


The smart city data management system with the big screen as the display core can realize the comprehensive integration and sharing of urban operation information, establish a centralized real-time collaboration environment, and provide the city with organization, management, coordination, command, dispatch, operation and other aspects. An efficient, safe and reliable command and dispatch work platform. Comprehensively display the multi-dimensional macro-environment of the city's 'economic innovation, public security, human settlements, people's livelihood, and government affairs construction', analyze the current situation of each field according to the perceived data, generate problems, make recommendations and automatically form a written report; At the management level, the surveillance video within the city can be invoked, and the front-end senses the situation of the emergency event. Through the big data analysis, the “state data model” is automatically generated. It is convenient for command and dispatch personnel to quickly and easily understand the situation in the entire jurisdiction and make timely and correct responses to emergencies.


The “Three-dimensional Visual Commanding Solution” proposed by Shandong Juyang Shenzhou Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. combines big data and artificial intelligence to give full play to its own R&D and innovation spirit, and through the screening of experts from the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the final selection Listed as a key backbone of big data and a list of outstanding big data products and application solutions in Shandong Province.


Winning this honor, it is inseparable from the research and development values of Shandong Juyang Shenzhou Technology Development Co., Ltd.: customer-oriented, market-oriented, technology research and development as the foundation of business, and pragmatic innovation as the management principle.


VATION has entered China in 2001 and is the world's leading smart city integrated solution service provider. It is the world's leading visual system innovation service provider. The company actively participates in PPP model project services for smart cities and people's livelihood public welfare undertakings. The company has professional management team and technical personnel, and has rich practical experience in design and construction, investment and operation management. The core business is divided into: smart city, smart traffic, smart display (big data visualization + artificial intelligence), system integration and other sectors.

The company adheres to the principle of “integration of resources, complementary advantages, risk sharing, and benefit sharing”, and participates in PPP projects in public facilities and services with innovative investment and financing models. As a leading brand in the smart city field, the company has provided customers with leading integrated solutions based on smart display since its establishment. In the field of visualization, Juyang continues to innovate as a national high-tech enterprise and lead the industry.

At the beginning of the establishment of Juyang, it is very focused on R&D. It has a secondary R&D center in Canada and Suzhou, China. It has a research and development team of hundreds of people. It has become one of the few manufacturers in the industry with chip-level R&D capabilities and has advanced management systems and scientific Quality control system.

Technology, innovation, professionalism and service are one of the core competitiveness of the company. The ever-innovating giant ocean has become a model of application of “stable, efficient and convenient visual management.” As an innovative company, Juyang continues to Investment in technology research and development in key user applications

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The Smart City Operation Center is a digital development to a higher level. The core is to embody the concept of people-oriented and intelligent operation. It uses the next-generation information tech...
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