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VATION V-SPIDER The world's first optical distributed image processor

日期: 2018-09-03
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The V-Spider optical distributed image processor is a distributed image processing system based on fiber-optic communication introduced by Juyang. The system is mainly composed of input nodes, output nodes, 10G fiber switches, video servers, etc. The system can be widely used in command, dispatch, monitoring centers, video conferences, as well as grid power, coal mines, science and technology, radio and television, transportation, and meteorology. , environmental protection, water conservancy, military police, finance, tobacco, security, enterprises, education, medical care, smart cities and other terminal display system signal control engineering.


System advantage

The V-Spider optical distributed image processor uses a dual-core switch architecture

The fiber switch exchanges data external to the system, thus ensuring the system's

Security, stability, display effects, etc., the specific advantages are as follows:

Intelligent image synchronization technology, invention patent

Intelligent image hollowing technology, invention patent

Optical fiber transmission, image is uncompressed

Single node dual CPU design

Input and output are backups of each other


Product parameters

VATION V-SPIDER 世界首创光分布式图像处理器 


Output node machine

VATION V-SPIDER 世界首创光分布式图像处理器 


Input node machine

VATION V-SPIDER 世界首创光分布式图像处理器 


System topology

VATION V-SPIDER 世界首创光分布式图像处理器 



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