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War Outbreak | VATION China Temperature Security Gate Listing

日期: 2020-03-25
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In the face of the unexpected epidemic situation, all walks of life are trying to help fight the 'epidemic' with their professions.Based on the application of face recognition, VATIONJuyang has developed an integrated solution of face recognition and human body temperature measurement, which is deployed at the entrances and exits of key areas such as communities, parks, stations, hospitals, etc. It monitors and intelligently analyzes the body temperature of passers-by, realizes functions such as non-contact, accurate temperature measurement and high temperature warning, and provides effective solutions for epidemic prevention and control.

The safety gate for temperature measurement is a kind of safety detection door which combines the measurement of human body temperature with the detection of metal.Imported fire-proof panel is used as door panel material, waterproof design. The door is a door that can be passed by people in structure. Alarm indicator lights are installed on both sides of the door. Aluminum alloy is used as post lamp. The alarm position appears more direct, beautiful and elegant, remote control operation is simple and convenient.

The door is equipped with an electromagnetic field, which can give an alarm when metal objects are carried by the human body. It can accurately detect metal objects or metal-containing objects carried by the human body or in the boxes of the human hand, such as various controlled knives, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other metal-containing objects.

战疫情 | VATION巨洋温度安检门上市

War Outbreak | VATION Ocean Temperature Security Gate Listing

The door is equipped with a high-precision temperature detection probe, which can measure the surface temperature of the human forehead or wrist, and then get the actual body temperature of the human body according to the relationship between the temperature of the human forehead or wrist and the body temperature.The optical component of the detector collects the reflected energy from the forehead hair onto the sensor, and converts this information into temperature readings through electronic components, which are displayed on the display panel. When the temperature readings exceed the high temperature alarm value, the instrument emits an alarm sound. The alarm temperature can be set in conjunction with the operating environment.

Five main advantages of temperature measurement:

1. Real-time temperature detection

2. Temperature alarm temperature setting, sound and light alarm.

3. Ultra-high brightness 4-digit digital tube displays real-time temperature and can be seen from a distance.

4. Sustainable use, no operation required to work long hours.

5. Designed for use in crowded places to meet the requirements of fast customs clearance.

VATIONGiant Ocean Thermometry and Security Gate is suitable for the detection of human temperature in public places such as entry and exit ports, airports, stations, wharves, hospitals, government agencies, factories, schools, hotels and office buildings. It is convenient for screening patients with fever symptoms to reduce the spread of infection and epidemic, and it is also an effective means for security inspection and theft prevention inspection.

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