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VATIONJuyang Exclusively Launches Laser Light Source Generation III Ultra Clear Super Bright Display

日期: 2018-09-03
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In the HD era, as the forefront of combat in a variety of integrated systems: DLP display units have never slowed down their pace of improvement. After the launch of the second generation of laser light source, VATION has continued to invest in new product development. Now based on the 0.65′′ DMDTM display chip VATION, the third generation laser super clear super bright series display unit is exclusively launched. Meet the user's current and future display needs.



Laser light source projection movement principle

1.VATION III Generation Laser Series Projection Unit Features

Unique high brightness

The brightness reaches 4000 lumens to cover any use environment, and the absolute brightness advantage can make up for the lack of brightness of customers.

Unique ultra high resolution

The conventional 4:3 display unit has a maximum resolution of 1600×1200, and the 16:9 display unit resolution can reach 1920×1080. At the same time, Juyang also introduced the latest ratio: 16:10 display ratio product with resolution: 1920*1200. The release of the series of products also represents the advancement of the high-definition era in VATION.

Inherited the advanced structure of the original display unit

Splicing eight-stage seismic: innovative structural design, effectively avoiding the problem of displacement, deformation, loss and display deviation of optical components caused by vibration of precision optoelectronic products.


IP6X dustproof: Advanced photoelectric separation technology, which meets the national standard of six levels of dust.

Curved stitching: Customized with large arc stitching.

Noise: The projection unit has a noise of less than 30dB and is truly silent.

Industrially manufactured box: The box is made of aluminum alloy material, which has good steelness and is also very light. Combined with the independent six-axis geometric adjustment system, the geometrical and accurate matching of each unit picture is realized, and the seamless display effect is formed. .


Inheriting the original innovative and easy-to-maintain design

The back of the DLP large-screen display unit is easy to disassemble for maximum ease of construction and maintenance.



Inheriting the original innovative photoelectric separation design

The newly introduced fully modular structure design is the first to achieve two-level photoelectric separation, which perfectly realizes the optical separation of the optical engine and provides customers with more perfect visual effects.

Inherited the original advanced ODE texture process

The cabinet adopts the international leading ODE texture technology, and the flatness is good and beautiful. The outer frame of the box is more durable and durable, and it does not fade in color for a long time, and it is better to prevent moisture.


Ultra long light source life

The laser light source has a service life of 60,000 to 80,000 hours, which reduces maintenance costs and saves energy in disguise.



Light source attenuation map

Inherited the original one-machine dual-core technology

Juyang has designed two CPU chips in the optical engine. The new CPU is responsible for communication with the control unit, temperature monitoring and fan speed, so that the main CPU can concentrate on image processing to ensure the optical engine runs. More stable, more efficient image processing


Lower energy consumption

The power consumption is less than 180w, the lowest power consumption is only 1w, saving user expenses, saving energy and reducing emissions.

Environmental protection

Advocating the green earth, the laser is a semiconductor crystal component, a solid-state light source, no high-voltage structure, no high-pressure mercury-free fuse.


2. Technical indicators

VATION III generation laser series projection unit product parameters



Control system

Infrared remote control, intelligent control via computer via RS-232 port



Color uniformity


Brightness uniformity


Movement brightness

2500/4000 (4000 lumen brightness is unique to the giant ocean)

Long-life solid state light source

Light source: laser light source

Life: 60,000~80000 hours

Low power consumption

Normal work: Power consumption: 180W

Standby (bulb and fan off): ≤1W

power supply

Input voltage range

100VAC ~240VAC

Input frequency



Maximum 1.2A

Environmental conditions

Optimum working temperature


Storage temperature


Working relative humidity

10%~90% (no condensation)

Storage relative humidity

5%~90% (no condensation)



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