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VATIONJuyang releases the second generation laser source 16:9 display unit

日期: 2018-09-03
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        With the advent of the high-definition era, in order to meet the needs of market development, VATION has shouldered heavy responsibilities and devoted itself to research and development of new products. After the launch of laser light source products, it has developed a new generation of laser full HD series display wall units. TI 16:9 high-definition display chip, perfect match with high-definition video signal, adapt to the development trend of high-definition display, meet the user's current and future display needs, open the wide-screen era of industrial-grade DLP splicing display wall.

        The Laser Full HD series has consistently passed on all the advantages of Juyang products, such as: ultra-wide color gamut dynamic color return technology, intelligent color temperature correction technology, subtle color adjustment, one machine dual core, ODE texture process box, smooth edge design guarantee Physical seam is less than 0.2mm, second-generation photoelectric separation structure, second-generation anti-glare and anti-reflective composite glass curtain, etc.; high-definition optical processing chip is adopted while inheriting the advantage, the display area ratio is 16:9, and the physical resolution of 1080P is 1920×1080, perfect for displaying high-definition sources, enabling true HD signal access.

The powerful attack of the laser full HD series has led the development trend of DLP splicing screens; it satisfies the user's high-definition demand in the true sense; solves the high-definition signal of the integrator, the HD display is difficult to find, and the project is entangled The successful launch of Juyang Laser's full HD display unit, all problems will no longer be a problem, Juyang uses laser full HD products to provide users with a perfect HD display solution.



VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 

VATION CUBE series projection unit features

1, TI 16:9 HD display chip

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 

2, splicing eight-level earthquake resistance

3, IP5X dustproof

4, curved stitching

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元


5, innovative easy maintenance design

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 


6, innovative optoelectronic separation design

7, advanced ODE texture process

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 

8, bright effect screen

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 


9, laser light source life up to 100000 hours

10 brightness up to 1700 lumens

11 one machine dual core technology

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 

12 high brightness, high contrast

13 gray level up to 256 ~ 1024 levels, color up to 2563 ~ 10243 kinds of 12 bits, 1024 kinds of gray

14 Intelligent color and brightness adjustment technology

VATION巨洋发布第II代激光光源 16:9 显示单元 

15 power consumption is less than 180w, the lowest power consumption is only 1w

16 Environmental protection

Technical indicators

VATION DLP Cube VCVS-WLED(laser source 16:9 series) parameters

Overall indicator


Display mode

DLP technology(1920x10801080p)


1920×1080 pixels


1700ANSI lumens (typical)

Life (average)

60000~80000 hours

Low power consumption

Normal work: Power consumption: 180W

Standby (bulb and fan off): ≤1W

power supply

Input voltage range

100VAC ~240VAC

Input frequency



Maximum 1.2A

Environmental conditions

Optimum working temperature


Storage temperature


Working relative humidity

10%~90% (no condensation)

Storage relative humidity

5%~90% (no condensation)

Laser Full HD Series Size

Recommended product size:

Regular product sizes are 60" and 70"

In addition to the above conventional size, we can also customize 50-inch 67-inch two splicing screens to meet the different needs of customers.


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