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VATION Juyang's new release of VATIONCUBE laser series projection unit

日期: 2018-09-03
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The VATIONCUBE laser series projection unit from Juyang uses TI's single 0.95′′ DMDTM 12° deflection angle display chip, equipped with the world's leading and faster DDP3020F image processing chip. DDP3020F provides powerful automatic signal lock (Auto lock) ), Motion Adaptive De-Interlacing, Adaptive 3D Noise Reduction Filter, Edge-Preserving Scaling, etc., DDP3020F also gives product embedding 2D digital keystone correction and picture-in-picture function.

At the same time, DDP3020F adopts LVDS high-speed transmission interface and faster dynamic temporary storage RLDRAM. The new LVDS DMD interface has a 20% higher load speed than the previous generation DDP1000 DDR interface. The image processing is faster, reducing the smear phenomenon and providing more Vivid and perfect dynamic picture quality. The new Dark Chip 3 DMD's DynamicBlackTM technology dramatically enhances the performance of black scenes, effectively suppressing flickering, and is up to 30% better than the previous generation Dark Chip 2, delivering a fresher, more realistic look.


Technical characteristics

l Extreme ColorTM technology for true-to-life color

TI's unique global BrilliantColorTM technology is designed to enhance the color performance and optical efficiency of DLP projector display engines.

BrilliantColorTM technology leverages the latest color processing algorithms and system enhancement techniques to compensate for DLP playback in time-sharing

The picture quality loss caused by the picture, the technology can improve the picture quality by more than 50% for the midtones that often appear in movies and natural scenery. Extreme color

TM technology is capable of 50% better brightness than the traditional DDP1000's three-color solution. In terms of color performance, contrast and brightness balance, etc. while enhancing brightness

The face is even better.

Extreme ColorTM technology has the ability to process six colors simultaneously, in addition to the three primary colors of red, green and blue, it can also fully express yellow, purple and cyan.

Effectively expands the range of color expression, improves the color depth of DLP projectors, and provides more vivid visual effects.

l Advanced structure


l Earthquake resistance

l Dustproof

l curved stitching

l Silent operation

l Industrialized manufacturing cabinet

l Innovative and easy to maintain design

l Innovative optoelectronic separation design

l Advanced ODE texture process

l Special mechanical adjustment device

l Unique 12 moving point adjustment technology

l Bright effect screen

l Multi-layer composite glass screen

l The longest light source life (laser exclusive)

l Ultra-high brightness up to 10,000 lumens (laser-only)

l One machine dual core technology

l Rec.709 international standard gamut range (laser exclusive)

l The latest movement design

l Fine color adjustment technology

l stable color coordinates (laser unique)

l High brightness, high contrast

l Intelligent color and brightness adjustment technology

l Lower energy consumption (laser exclusive)

l Green

Technical Parameters





In addition to the above dimensions, it can support large-size splicing screens such as 84-inch 100-inch to meet different needs of customers.



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