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Vation Giant Ocean Micro Spacing 16:9 New Product

日期: 2018-09-03
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With the increasing popularity of the small-pitch market, customer signal sources are becoming more and more high-definition, and 16:9 products have become the mainstream of the market. According to market conditions and user needs, VATION has introduced a micro-pitch 16:9 cabinet.

VATION Juyang micro-pitch LED display system adopts modular design and takes up small space to achieve true seamless splicing. It has high contrast and wide viewing angle, and can achieve high-quality display at all angles.


core advantages:

The unit cabinet is designed with a 16:9 aspect ratio and can be quickly and efficiently combined into a 4:3 or 16:9 HD screen.


Using nanosecond display technology, the frame change time of the LED display is reduced to a very short time, eliminating the tailing and ghosting superimposed phenomenon of liquid crystal and projection in processing dynamic pictures.



                                             No tailing, ghosting                              Trailing, ghosting


The cabinet is lightweight, less than 50mm ultra-thin design, the frame and the back cover are made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, and the heat dissipation performance is good.



Other features:

n Broadcast-level grayscale processing to display more image details

n Point-by-point correction, uniform brightness and chromaticity

n Fast frame change speed, nanosecond response time

n Ultra wide viewing angle, perfect display at any angle

n Intelligent brightness adjustment, automatic adaptation environment

n Extreme speed refresh, high visual comfort

n Dual signal transmission backup, automatic detection of faults, automatic switching

n Low heat, good heat dissipation, super quiet


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