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VATION giant released the latest 55 inch 3.5mm ultra narrow side seams DID products

日期: 2018-09-03
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VATION giant ocean 55" 3.5mm ultra-narrow side seam DID, model VD55F pioneering ultra-narrow panel, with a screen-to-screen distance of only 3.5mm. Can be described as a breakthrough in LCD multi-screen splicing applications, The launch of Juyang VD55F ultra-narrow LCD splicing unit is bound to set off a seamless LCD splicing boom in the field of large-screen splicing, which will form a “blowout effect” for market demand.

VATION巨洋最新发布55寸 3.5mm超窄边拼缝 DID产品 

model: VD55F

Technical features:


• 3.9mm ultra-narrow bilateral optical seams, 3.5mm ultra-narrow bilateral physical seams;

• Integrated multi-channel video source types: DVI, HDMI, VGA;

• DVI, VGA signal loop out;

• Automatic color balance adjustment;

• Infrared and RS232 loop control;

• Fast ID settings make on-site commissioning easier;

• Can work continuously 24 hours a day;

• Built-in panel working time record and display;

• Temperature control, overheating alarm;

• Ambient light detection, screen output brightness is automatically adapted (optional);

• Easy to operate, with the HyperControl software to operate the system flexibly;

• The underlying communication protocol can be opened, allowing users to flexibly adopt third-party central control systems or build their own software to construct large-screen engineering systems.

• There is no limit to the size of the screen installation and control.

Product Features




WUXGA 1920x1080

Panel technology



LED backlight (straight down)

Point distance (mm)


Working resolution

1920 x 1080p (downward compatible)

Number of colors

16.7 M

Color saturation




Brightness (cd/m2)


Response time (ms)



178° (horizontal) / 178° (vertical)

Signal interface

Input: HDMI x1, DVI x1, VGA x1, YPbPr x 1, VIDEO x 1

Output: DVIx1, VGA x1, VIDEO x 2

Control interface

Input : RS232 x1, infrared; Output: RS232 x1


Arbitrary matrix type

Operating mode

Support 7 × 24 hours

Life (hours)

≥ 50,000


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