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VATION giant released the latest 2500 lumens LED light source DLP

日期: 2018-09-03
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DLP giant ocean LED light source brightness increased to "2500 lumens"

With every technological advancement and breakthrough, it will fundamentally change the competitive landscape of an industry. In recent years, the DLP splicing screen market has been in a turbulent competitive landscape. With the LED light source technology replacing the UHP light source and gradually becoming the mainstream technology of the industry, it seems that the LED light source has occupied the commanding height of the market, but with high brightness. Laser light source with advantages such as longer life cycle enters the large screen. It seems that the LED light source has been criticized for the fact that the brightness of the light source cannot be improved. The brightness of the LED light source in the industry has increased to 2,500 lumens. Shocked, the market competition pattern has also undergone tremendous changes. The new big screen industry situation is coming soon. Laser light source and LED light source will become a puzzle in the future DLP splicing market. Let us wait and see!

LED light source breaks through 2500 lumens to improve the quality of light source to achieve a qualitative leap

The face of technological change laser light source, LED light source successful counter-attack, many of the advantages of the LED light source, long life, color purity, stability, and so the use of these advantages make the LED light source become the backbone of the field of the projector. The LED light source will bring about a revolution in the industry. At this time, what are the unexpected new surprises that the giant LED light source DLP splicing new products will bring to the industry customers?

The new generation of high-brightness giant ocean LED light source projection unit has the following features:


Extreme ColorTM technology for true-to-life color

Designed with TI's unique global BrilliantColorTM technology;

Improve image quality with the latest color processing algorithms and system enhancement techniques;

50% better brightness than traditional tri-color solutions, and better in terms of color performance, contrast and brightness balance;

The ability to simultaneously process six colors, effectively expand the range of color performance, improve the color depth of DLP projectors, and provide more vivid visual effects.


Ultra long light source life

The life of LED light source is up to 60,000 hours. Compared with UHP traditional light source, the service life is increased by nearly 10 times. With the superior dustproof, anti-vibration and anti-aging technology of Juyang display unit, the display unit has a long maintenance-free use period.


Super bright light source

With 18 super bright hot standby LED light sources, it brings users a more beautiful visual effect.


Three primary color LED light source, no color separation wheel

Avoid light and color loss as much as possible;

There is no color wheel failure, which greatly reduces the parallel light source for maintenance requirements, eliminating the need for a concentrating mirror and improving light utilization.


Quickly turn on the lights

From start-up to when the brightness of the light source reaches 90%, no more than 2 seconds


Exclusive liquid cooling technology

It is the first to adopt liquid cooling technology, which improves the efficiency of air cooling and cooling by nearly 30%, improves the service life of the movement and ensures the constant temperature of the system for a long time.


One machine double core technology

Ensure that the optical engine runs more stable and the image processing is more convenient

Intelligent color temperature detection and correction technology

Ensure that the splicing wall maintains accurate and consistent color temperature after a long period of operation.

Juyang LED light source products, color temperature 3200K-----10000K multi-level adjustable, to meet the needs of different customers.


Original ultra-wide-area dynamic color return technology

This color cast phenomenon is effectively corrected, so that the final output image of the optical machine maintains a good natural color, and the color of each unit remains the same.


Original subtle color adjustment technology


Intelligent color and brightness adjustment technology

Ensure color and brightness consistency throughout the long-term use of the entire screen.



Through RoHS certification, more than 75% of components can be recycled, reducing environmental pollution and harming human health. The new generation of LED light sources does not have environmental pollution problems caused by ultra-high pressure mercury bulbs, and is more environmentally friendly.


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