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A new interpretation of V-Cloud image processor "Cloud" cluster distributed video products

日期: 2018-09-03
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V-Cloud image processor is a new cloud-based cluster distributed pure digital processing video product launched by Juyang.

Through the full digital acquisition of video and computer signals, network transmission is used to display the signal source in a centralized manner. It breaks through the traditional number of acquisition channels of the hardware analog acquisition card and the limitation of the number of channels displayed at the same time. At the same time, the number of displayed signals is high and the window operation flexibility is high.

Reduce the transmission bandwidth requirements of the signal network, significantly improve the display quality of the signal and the real-time display. The access, transmission, display, and adjustment of signal sources will become more intelligent, efficient, networked, and real-time.

The number of full-screen displays is no longer limited by the image processor, and can achieve single-screen display of 9 or more screens.

The system adopts a modular architecture, and the network-wide intelligent management is no longer limited by space, and the expansion capability is greatly enhanced. Each module runs independently and no longer interacts with each other. Processing computing power will be the sum of the processing power of each module. The system is easy to network, so that your system is no longer troubled by cables. It can be easily operated by computer and IPAD, so that you can fully experience the convenience of the "cloud" system.

System topology

V-Cloud图像处理器全新诠释 “云”集群分布式视讯产品 

Product advantages

1) Cost advantage. Compared with the traditional signal acquisition method, V-Cloud image processor signal acquisition eliminates the acquisition card, matrix and other peripheral devices, and uses a more general network cable instead of the traditional video cable in the signal transmission process.

2) The flexibility of on-site construction, because the traditional video line has certain requirements in the transmission distance, it is difficult to achieve the signal source at any position can be displayed on our large screen, and the new system can not be transmitted due to network transmission. Limited by the site, it is suitable for some industries with a wide range of signal sources.

3) The advantage of collecting the number of signal sources. Due to the hardware limitations of the traditional acquisition card, the V-Cloud image processor can display massive network video and multiple computer signals at the same time.

4) V-Cloud image processor can display multiple channels of video or computer signals on a single screen, meeting the diverse needs of users.

5) Any roaming and superposition of the source window position. The system has no restrictions on the location of the source window. Any roaming and superposition in the true sense can be achieved.

6) The operability of the signal source data is greatly improved. Since the data of the signal source is fully digitized, we can arbitrarily process the signal source data, facilitate the implementation of functions such as echo and preview of our signal source, and adjust the signal source parameters. The image post-processing (special effects) and other functions are further expanded to suit the special needs of certain special industries.

7) IP video processing, high-definition network monitoring signals can be directly passed through the V-CLOUD system, and the lossless signals are transmitted between the systems, so that the HD is still high-definition.

8) Hardware echo: V-CLOUD can use hardware echo technology, data echo real-time, echo resolution, stability is much stronger than software echo.

9) HD basemap machine: The ultra-high-base diagram machine uses the advanced architecture and efficient processing method to make full use of every physical pixel of the big screen, which makes the big screen and high definition of the big screen perfectly combined. This gives the user a truly stunning visual experience, supporting ultra-high resolution screen display up to 65535×65535.

10) System control is diversified, and the system can be fully operated by PC, mobile terminal such as IPAD.

System product parameters

VGA/DVI input node:

Resolution up to 1920*1080, 3840x2160

Automatic identification signal format

Double gigabit network

Video input node:

Video standard video capture endpoint

2-way standard video capture

Adaptive NTSC and PAL signals

Double Gigabit Ethernet port

DVI output node:

Resolution up to 1920*1080

Automatic identification signal format

Double Gigabit Ethernet port


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