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VATION China Ocean Data Social Governance Platform Helps Prevent Epidemics

日期: 2020-03-25
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Since December 2019, new cases of coronavirus-infected pneumonia have been found in Wuhan, Hubei Province.After the outbreak, the Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to it.Emphasis should be placed on the safety of life and health of the people first, detailed plans should be formulated, all parties should be organized to carry out prevention and control, effective measures should be taken and the epidemic situation should be firmly checked.

In response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's 2019 Central Political and Law Work Conference on 'Promoting the modernization of the street governance system and governance capacity in depth', it has become the important meeting spirit of 'the fifth modernization' in the development of the new era.

VATIONJuyang upgraded on the basis of 'Longdong Street Social Governance Platform', added epidemic management module, integrated solutions such as large data statistical judgment, epidemic event reporting, VATIONJuyang AI face recognition, temperature measurement and attendance management platform.It greatly improves Street efficiency and saves a lot of manpower and resources.Fast and accurate temperature measurement, using the digitized means of science and technology.Street management capacity has been improved, which not only conforms to the national policy, but also greatly improves the sense of use of platform software.

The highlights of this platform are as follows:

1. Make use of event management system scientifically to carry out grid survey and personnel tracking on streets, effectively implement comprehensive prevention and control measures, achieve 'early detection, early report, early isolation, early diagnosis and early treatment', prevent the input, spread and output of epidemic situation, and control the spread of disease;

2. Establish a management mechanism for level-by-level joint prevention and control. Streets (towns) and communities (villages) actively carry out case monitoring and tracking, science education, health prompts, information reports, and supervise and inspect the implementation of grid prevention and control measures at the second and third levels.

3. Make full use of the integrated solution of face recognition and human body temperature measurement, deploy in key areas such as community, park, station, hospital entrance and exit, conduct temperature monitoring and intelligent analysis for passers-by, realize functions such as non-contact, accurate temperature measurement and high temperature warning, and provide effective solutions for epidemic prevention and control.

The construction of this platform is as follows:

1. Key area management: through grid partitioning, determine the small area outlets, supermarket temperature measuring points and key temperature measuring areas in the grid, and the grid staff regularly patrol daily to supervise the temperature measurement.Abnormal events found can be reported in time through the applet 'Event Report' module, calling grid power to solve in time.


2. Residents in the grid can timely report the potential epidemic events around them through the 'Pioneer Dragon Cave' public number. After reporting, the events are assigned to the corresponding grid length or Street Department by the command center administrator for processing. After processing, the photos of disposal results are uploaded and reviewed by the command center, thus completing the closed-loop process.


3. AI face recognition, temperature measurement and attendance management integration platform is based on the current epidemic demand, based on the original face recognition attendance machine, through secondary development, docking with the grass-roots social governance command platform in Longdong, and adding the functions of automatic temperature measurement, alarm and data statistical analysis.

The system does not require close contact of related personnel, reduces the risk of cross-infection of personnel, and achieves unattended operation.The system integrates Longdong grassroots social governance command platform and large screen display system, displays and analyzes the temperature and image data collected by the front-end in real time, and warns response. Video images and temperature measurement data can be stored separately according to the needs of prevention and control. The temperature measurement integrated intelligent management platform system can also analyze temperature data intelligently and chart temperature data to form a systemTemperature data change table for normalized monitoring of relevant personnel.




Epidemics are orders, and prevention and control are responsibilities.Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by new type of coronavirus infection, VATIONJuyang has conscientiously implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions and the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee. With our professional strength, we have organized a special team to focus on the pain point of the grass-roots epidemic prevention and control work of the government, and rapidly developed and launched a 'big data social management platform''.'Let individuals, property, streets, communities and other grass-roots epidemic prevention and control data be interconnected.The city's epidemic prevention work is a game of chess.Use big data means to early warning, effective tracing, accurate grasp, joint prevention and control!

At the same time, VATIONJuyang, as an important enterprise in Longdong Street jurisdiction, gives full play to the role of main ideological position and main force, further highlighting the original mission and responsibility of local enterprises.

Company Profile:

Juyang Shenzhou Technological Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. At present, the company has an independent factory in Suzhou. It has been focusing on the display industry since its establishment. DLP laser display business has maintained the first market share in China since 2001. Its smart display field and visual solutions are in the leading position in the industry.Actively participate in smart cities, people's livelihood and public welfare undertakings. The company has professional management team and technical personnel, and has rich practical experience in design, construction, investment and operation management.The core business is divided into smart city, smart display, large data visualization + artificial intelligence, system integration, and so on.The Operations Management Center is located in Jinan and has offices in Beijing, Chengdu, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Urumqi, Taiyuan, Baotou, Hefei and other places.There are secondary R&D centers in Canada and Suzhou, China, with hundreds of R&D teams.It is one of the few manufacturers with chip-level R&D capabilities in the industry. The self-developed distributed optical image processor uses private protocols to encrypt signals, which is more secure and reliable.Guarantee completed projects including 'State Meteorological Administration', 'Rizhao Steel', 'State Grid', 'Shandong High Speed', 'Quantum Satellite General Control Center' and other government enterprises and institutions.

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